I'm trying to add an image, specifically a photo of the deponent.  I'm going to format, then headers & footers where the Image box is located.  I then click on the Image box and find my image, which is a JPEG.  I then open it and up pops the image placement and size box.  I put in the properties I want, click ok and then apply.  I apply it only to "this page."  My cursor, by the way, is on the front page where I want it to appear.   It seems to want to continually pop up on every single page of the transcript even though I have specifically clicked for it to be on only "this page."   I am absolutely befuddled. 

If anybody has any insight into this, like a crucial step I am missing, I would appreciate it very much. 

Thank you!!

Mary Jacks

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go to Page 2 and hit the image properties and tell it to remove from that page forward to the end of the document!


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