Does anyone here use their update area for their dictionaries? or do you have it go straight to your personal, job or case dictionary?

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Hi Carrie.  As a scopist, I use either the update area or the job dictionary, depending on my client's wishes.  When I D-define something, it goes into the user's update area, and every few weeks I will send that to my client so they can look through it and add what they want to their personal dictionary.

I have not heard of a reporter using that area.  I'll be interested to see what other answers you get.

Cindy Clark
Case CATalyst Scopist & Proofreader

We reporters were encouraged to use the update area in the beginning, but in the last few years every time I go to one of Cindy Hartman's classes, she says don't bother anymore.  So I don't.  No difference.  I do my own scoping and I'm pretty sure when I make a D define that I want it in my dictionary, so no reason to waste the time reviewing it later in the update area.


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