Hello,  I'm on Eclipse 5 and am looking for a longterm relationship with an excellent scopist.  I am a 25-year veteran reporter.  I have my RMR and CRR.  I do mostly video depos so you must be willing to do full audio, have excellent punctuation and formatting skills and I do a lot of rushes so quick turnaround.  Please contact me at adubcsr@aol.com

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Dear Ana,


Are you looking for a Scopist with specific experience or accepting all?



Fabiola Evans, Pro-Scope

The Job Done Right!

Hi Ana,


In case you're still looking, I would like to offer my services.  As a scopist, I have ample experience working on depositions of all types, legal/medical malpractice, grand jury proceedings, contruction, asbestos, workers compensation, and pretty much everything else under the sun!  My thorough scoping technique is of the highest caliber, and I can easily adapt to your preferred grammatical style.  I perform internet research when faced with unfamiliar terms or phrases, and in the rare event I cannot positively identify a term, I will call it to your attention in my emails with suggestions and in the transcript with the symbol you prefer.  I will work with or without audio, and my extremely affordable rates are all under $2.00 per page -- even for dailies with audio!  Please email me at bradberry_dorothy@yahoo.com or visit my website at http://lunareclipsescoping.weebly.com today, and consider letting me be your newest Eclipse scopist.


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