Hurricane season is starting and if you'll be affected by the impending tropical storm, hunker down and stay safe!!

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Y'all, too, Chelsea and friends!

My city is getting the tail end of it. Ugh! Unless it turns a little, then I'll get clobbered!

Where are you at, Meegan?  I'm outside New Orleans.  We're getting a lot of rain.  Jobs cancelling right and left.

I am in a small town outside of Beaumont, Texas. We got hit by Rita and Ike over 10 years ago. Yikes! Sounds like you're in a bad spot too right now?

Oh, bless your heart.  Y'all take care!

Thanks! You too, and everyone else on this board!

Ugh, fingers crossed for all of us! We haven't had a ton of awful rain yet -- just cloudy skies and mostly sprinkles -- but looking at the radar, there's a ton of yellow heading our way.


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