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At 9:36 on June 2, 2023, Joan Pitt said…

Hi Kelli.  I'm not seeing any red dots on the map.  I'm in Polk County between Tampa and Orlando.

At 6:42 on April 6, 2023, Tatyana M said…

Hello Kelli. I am not a student yet but I have chosen a program and plan to start in the Fall. I will also be taking the Project Steno basic training in May.

I would like to get into scoping at some point while I'm in school as a way to get some real-world exposure. Do you have any tips on how I can get started with that?

At 15:04 on March 2, 2023, Wendi J Vallarino said…

Hi.  I'm trying to change my email address, but I can't remember my password.  How can I do that?

At 8:36 on October 21, 2022, James Paul Otterson said…

Hi, Kelly.  I am trying to find the red dot on the page you told me to go to.  I don't see any red dots

At 17:40 on October 17, 2022, James Paul Otterson said…

I'm not sure if I did it right, but I tried my best.  This is my first day on the sie.  

I tried to include, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Texas and Oklahoma.  Thanks for the help and I'll try again tomorrow

At 13:42 on October 11, 2022, Teresa McKinney said…

Ok, thank you :)

At 12:54 on October 11, 2022, Teresa McKinney said…

Hi Kelli,

thank you for responding.   I accidentally made my first new discussion post go to only scopists, I think.  I want it to go out to Everyone, all court reporters too, as well as scopists, but not sure how to make that happen.  Not sure how I ended up sending it out to only scopists.  

At 6:27 on July 20, 2022, Kathy Keilty said…

Can’t get into zoom site to send message

At 8:36 on July 8, 2022, Joelle said…
Hello kelli,
I can’t figure out how to post but I have. 3 day arb in manhattan, NY in person July 11-13 with rough needs to be covered 9-5
Anyone can email me at if interested
At 8:25 on June 21, 2022, Kathy Keilty said…

this is what I get when trying to access zoom group

Threat found

This web page contains potentially dangerous content.
Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B trojan

Access to the web page has been blocked. Your computer is safe.

At 9:14 on May 31, 2022, Matthew Archibald said…

Hi Kelli,

We are still having issues with the site. I have tried to renew for othere areas and payment can not go through. Please advise.

At 14:55 on May 19, 2022, First Legal Deposition said…

Hi there, was trying to renew on the San Bernardino page, looks like the payment went through, but still can't access the page, help!

At 15:40 on May 16, 2022, Matthew Archibald said…

Hi was trying to renew for los angeles and got charged but ist said error and still no access. can you help?

At 15:33 on March 28, 2022, Parrish Reporting said…

Hello - Where do i put my CC in so i can post for a job in DTLA on April 6th in person?

I am leaving in the morning for vacation - woot - with my new puppy

At 9:36 on February 11, 2022, Scott Mitchell said…

Hi Kelli,

I hope this new year is going well for you!  This is Scott Mitchell; I was wondering if the setup and procedure for posting video job offers has changed?  Can you please explain the procedure for posting a video deposition job offer?  If I did it correctly and you can see my posting offering a courtroom playback job, then please let me know I did it right.


Scott Mitchell

At 16:32 on February 9, 2022, Darline Marie West said…

Hi, Kelli!  Was wondering why I haven't seen e-mails from the Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Florida group.  I have not been to this site in a long time.  Was there a revamp of the site or something because I could have sworn I was in that group, but I don't see it on my page.  Tried looking for it, but all that showed up in the "Group" section that I could see was mostly from California, Orange County, etc.  I rejoined the Florida Keys group, but that was by mistake...can't travel that far.  I just saw "Florida" and clicked on it and then notice that it said "The Keys." Also the Zoom/Skype, apparently I joined the trial back in 2020, but with all that's happened with COVID and the business going crazy, I forgot what this is exactly.  When I clicked on it, it took me to a pay page for $19 and that was for the month.  Can you let me know what that is, again, please?  Thank you so much!

At 7:44 on January 29, 2022, APG Court Reporting said…

I'm trying to change my email and every time it sends me a link and I click that link, it asks me for a password.  I input the password and then it gives me a message "Oops, an error has occurred."  I input the old password and I input the new password and the system doesn't recognize either.  Therefore, I cannot complete the verification and my email will not update to the new one.

Please advise/help.


Marsi Koehl

At 11:51 on January 12, 2022, Intrepid Deposition said…

Kelly, I am trying to reach you directly and was wondering if there is a phone number I can reach you at?


Intrepid Deposition

At 17:05 on December 31, 2021, Angela J White said…

Kelli, I joined years back to pick up work in my area and used to get the emails.    Has there always been a charge for joining groups?  The fees associated with groups in my area are a bit high … 

At 21:53 on November 24, 2021, Jannette said…

Hi Kelli, I discovered a website tonight about people's negative reactions to the Covid 19 vaccine and wanted to post it here since you have a discussion thread about Covid on your website.  The site is  These are real life accounts of what happened to people after they got vaccinated.  I wanted to email it to you but I cannot access my old email account so I couldn't pull up your email address.  The testimonies are quite shocking and terrifying.

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