I scope using Case 4 and am learning Eclipse. I'm also gonna try to learn DigitalCat. Could I ask someone to send me a small transcript file that I can open in DigitalCat? I'm trying to learn it, but I don't have a file to practice on.....unless I can save a Case 4 file as an rtf and do it that way.....hmmmmm....

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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I have been on DigitalCat for three or four years now, and love it! If you have any questions, please let me know!
I hope this is what you were requesting.


Thank you soooo much for sending the file. When I started CR school 8 years ago (I quit two and a half years ago in my 225s), this was the software they started teaching us....for all of about two to three months! Then the school switched to Case. That's what I scope with now but am trying to learn Eclipse and DigitalCat to be more marketable.

Thanks again....I may very well contact you if I have questions/problems.

~ Tracey
I did get one...thanks!!!

~ Tracey


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