Come hang out with us at the 5th Occasional SoCal CSR Outing in Hollywood!!

Event: 5th Occasional SoCal CSR Outing
Date: Sunday, 1/27/2008
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Location: Sushi Dan restaurant, 8000 W. Sunset Blvd.,
Hollywood, CA.

Sushi Dan's is on the second floor in the Virgin shopping center at the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights. The shopping center is across from Greenblatt's Deli and The Laugh Factory. Also in the shopping center are the Virgin Megastore, Crunch Fitness, the Sunset 5 Laemmle Theater, and the Wolfgang Puck Cafe.

Details: Please join us on Sunday, February 3rd, at Sushi Dan's for some food, drink, and good company. It should be a good time. My friend, who's a liquor rep, is arranging for us to get discounted drinks and possibly a couple free appetizers (no promises, of course).

There's parking underground which you can easily enter from either northbound Crescent Heights or north/southbound Laurel Ave.

Lots of great sushi and also other things such as teriyaki, BBQ short ribs, soup, etc. But even if you don't like sushi, you like court reporters, riiiight???

Check out to read about the four other outings we’ve had. They’ve been a lot of fun.

If you have any questions, or to RSVP, just let me know -

Marla Williams

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Is it February 3 or January 27? I am confused.
January 27th. Thanks for clarifying, Kyung. I had a typo in the body of the first invitation. I sent out a corrected invitation, but you must not have gotten it. Hmmmm...
Yep. I never got the corrected invite. In fact, the only place I saw the announcement is here on this board.

Are you going to post at the SoCal board on the MSN site?


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