This might be a moot point, but it came up in a discussion on the SoCal forum:

We were discussing how officials are starting to sell their transcripts online. And someone posted this:

IMHO, speaking as both a freelance reporter and the owner of a small agency (although calling it an agency is a bit of a stretch), I believe the transcripts belong to the agency, not the independent contractor reporter. >>

Just curious what other agencies and reporters think. If agencies consider the transcripts "theirs," then does that relieve them of any obligation to pay reporters for backordered copy sales?

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It is so important as a "licensed" CSR to know the CCP codes - California Code of Procedure. That governs our licensure and pertains to "freelance depo reporter." Marla is correct, you cannot sell a transcript to a non-party, per code, without first notifying ALL parties, including the witness (which is why it is so important to get the witness's address). They have 30 days to object to selling a copy to a non-party by seeking a protective order. If you do not hear in 30 days, then you can sell the copy. But also know the C.R. firm you work with. Because if a copy gets ordered, you want to make sure you get paid for any transcripts.

Get to know the codes! At DRA's convention Feb. 15-17, we have a "Depo Diplomat" seminar, part 1 and 2. There you will hear all about the codes that affect depo reporters! Very critical info.
Looking forward to the convention, and I'll definitely catch the "Depo Diplomat." But I was wondering if maybe the DRA could possibly put FAQs or links to the CA Court Reporters Board on questions like this. The CRB site is nice but impossible to find anything you're looking for.

Thanks for the info!
I believe on our website there is a link to the CRB. But a link to the CCP directly is a good idea! We are revamping our website and that is a good suggesion to add, Marla.

These things are so critical because the individual licensed CSR is responsible for knowing these things. It is your license on the line, not the agency's. Just like minimum transcript format. The individual CSR is responsible for making sure they follow the format. That's why it's always important to do work for a CSR-owned agency. They will follow the guidelines of the CRB regulations, along with the CCP. Sorry to drone on!

Just such good information. val


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