Hey, it's that favorite time of year for all of us!!! Whoo-hoo. Not!!!!!

I've been going to a guy who specializes in court reporters (supposedly). But he is expensive, and he's always trying to give MY money to the government ahead of schedule. Hey, the government doesn't pre-pay me when I take those workers' comp jobs, I'm not going to pre-pay the government.

I'm in Orange, CA. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a great CPA who's not too expensive?

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Hi, Kyung.
I'm a scopist in Orange County and would also be interested in hearing if anyone knows of a great CPA who's not "too" expensive!!


:~ Denise ~:
Hi, Kyung

Great question. I'm looking for a new CPA in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anybody know one up here they care to recommend?????
My guy is great and does a few reporters. His name is Lars Hansson in Alameda. I don't have his # handy but he is on Santa Clara in Alameda. He is listed. Knows what he is doing in my opinion
i don't know all the details. I got the referral to my guy through my agency. Both the reporters who own the agency go to him and he does the agency's taxes (or whatever it is he does for the firm) as well.

Is your guy Phil Liberatore? I've  been going to him and am looking for someone less expensive too.

The person I go to is in Mission Viejo.  Might be a little far for you, but she does handle taxes through the mail.  Let me know if you want her info.



It might be helpful to define "expensive" with a dollar figure.

Less than $800

Libertore runs around $800 the last time he did my tax return 4 or 5 years ago.


My current person is $200 to $300, depending on how many schedules she's filling out.



I would like her info. My email is lisaberryhill9@gmail.com

I really appreciate it.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

I use a tax preparer and it's a lot less than $800.   Year before last, we used my husband's business' CPA to do our taxes and they did nothing for me (court reporter) that the tax preparer didn't do, only they charged more.


Only advice I can give is to max out your SEP IRA, that's big tax break.  Or if not that, get a Roth IRA; no tax deduction but a good deal.

As a court reporter, I did my own.  I still do.  I use TurboTax Premium (about $90.00).  It takes you step by step through income and deductions and also looks for mistakes.  I'm pretty sure a software program is what most of the tax preparers are also using.


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