Hey, it's that favorite time of year for all of us!!! Whoo-hoo. Not!!!!!

I've been going to a guy who specializes in court reporters (supposedly). But he is expensive, and he's always trying to give MY money to the government ahead of schedule. Hey, the government doesn't pre-pay me when I take those workers' comp jobs, I'm not going to pre-pay the government.

I'm in Orange, CA. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a great CPA who's not too expensive?

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My sister (CPA) has done mine for 20 years (for free, yay).  However, she puts it off and puts it off.  This year they got done in October, right before the final deadline.  Last year I tried using Turbo Tax and then had her do it to check me, and it came out the same!  So I may do that again.  I hate having to wait so long.

Wow, this post is from 2008, long time ago.  Crazy!


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