I'm seeking an additional reporter for either steady or overflow work. I have over 25 years of scoping experience. I'm a former RPR and CR instructor. I have a background in teaching chemistry. I specialize in daily copy. I'm happy to send my rate schedule upon request.

Kathleen Iuzzolino

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Hi Kathleen,
I am interested in obtaining your rate schedule. Please email it to me at chandrabrown1@aol.com.

HI Kathleen:
I would love it if you could send me your rates and any "extra" charges, like expedites, audio vs. non audio, et cetera.

Please reply to lynpenfield@cox.net.

Would you be willing to assist a newbie scopist work out a technical problem. I have a new client (which is hard to come by) and I ran into a problem right from the start. For some reason, her wave file is not syncing with the text file. She sent it to me as a zip file and the wave file separate. I can see the text fine; but when I hit alt +J to initialize the audio, I get a message that says "not found" and then later, "this file is not an .ecl file" which it clearly is because she has Eclipse too. Help,,,,,, I don't want to lose this client and the job is due on April 15th.
Did you unzip it and then make sure it's in the same file as the wav file?
Hi Kathleen,
I am in need of scopist immediatly. If you are able to take on more work, please let me know.


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