For those of you who always try to keep your wardrobe fresh and put your best foot forward, I thought it might be nice to post current sales at major stores that everyone might not know about. Who doesn't love a sale? And I get so mad when I hear about a sale when it's already passed.

I find I have great luck on the sale racks at Ann Taylor Loft. You can often find suit pants and jackets for $20 to $50 each. Not baaaad! They're having a spring sale right now, 60% off their reduced clothes. Check it out:

I just bought a suit there for 30% off. And I love their suits because the jackets and pants are sold separately, which is awesome for those (very normal) women happen to be two different sizes.

Anyone got a sale to share?

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This is what I did --- lol lol I wanted stuff from spiegel so I googled spiegel coupon code and I used one $25 coupon, 2 $10 coupons, 1 - 25% coupon and a free shipping --- I saved over $150 -- amazing, but you have to do it over the phone with Cust. Svc because online you are only allowed to use one code. I was amazed. lol lol
Yeah, I do that too! Google is amazing with the right key words.

You know, you can also get airline miles if you shop through the airline Web sites.

Through American, you can get miles for sending flowers, Netflix, shopping at Neiman Marcus (and who doesn't shop there regularly, right?!)

And you can get miles through American if you sign up your credit card through this site and dine at the restaurants on their list:

You can even get American miles if you buy toner or supplies through They've got great prices.

How'd I get on office supplies?! This is supposed to be about clothing sales. Easily distracted, I am.
Sigrid Olsen is going out of business. If there's a Sigrid store near you still open, get in there quck to see what you can get. Their website is shut down, so there's no way to see if there's a store near you. But if you know of a Sigrid store, get there. I looked so good this winter in Sigrid stuff, which I discovered last August, and now, waaaaaaa, they're totally going out of the clothing biz!!! Everything is 50% off now. Damn, I wish I had been able to get to the one in Boston last weekend!!
No sales at this time, as far as I know, but I love to pick up clothes for work at the Black & White store.

Obviously, I wear a lot of black. It's so much easier to pick my wardrobe in the morning if I have only two basic colors to choose from!


eta: after you join their little club, you get coupons for $25 and $50 off, say, a $150 purchase all the time. Plus they send you a -- I think -- 10% off coupon for your birthday.
Judy, you're such a liar! They're having a spring sale of up to 50% off! :) I've never shopped there, but I LOVE black and white. So classic!
Ahhhhh, I think I have some shopping to do!

(They're constantly sending me e-mails, but for the most part I ignore them.)

I buy all my work clothes at a Jones New York outlet. I get suits that were $300 for as low as $89. If you sign up, they also send you online coupons. To me their suits look professional without being totally boring and stuffy.
Love Jones NY suits. I love them more when I get deals on them, of course. Loehmann's is a designer outlet store that has all sorts of suits for cheaper than normal. And they always are sending out coupons in the mail. And they have certain periods where you earn discount coupons that you can spend later that can really save a lot of money.
Macy's is having a huge clearance sale. Today is preview. Tomorrow is the sale.
I love Macy's. Only problem is the Macy's out here where I'm living now, you might as well be shopping at K-Mart. It's absolutely nothing like South Coast Plaza (which is now the only place I'll shop).
You can usually find pretty good buys at the Macy's one-day sale.
Eegads! This site just keeps getting better and better! Shopping sales? Thanks for the info, Marla!


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