For those of you who always try to keep your wardrobe fresh and put your best foot forward, I thought it might be nice to post current sales at major stores that everyone might not know about. Who doesn't love a sale? And I get so mad when I hear about a sale when it's already passed.

I find I have great luck on the sale racks at Ann Taylor Loft. You can often find suit pants and jackets for $20 to $50 each. Not baaaad! They're having a spring sale right now, 60% off their reduced clothes. Check it out:

I just bought a suit there for 30% off. And I love their suits because the jackets and pants are sold separately, which is awesome for those (very normal) women happen to be two different sizes.

Anyone got a sale to share?

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Okay. Not technically a sale. But everybody loves a freebie. So take a break from your desk and visit Ben & Jerry's for free scoop day. Yum!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29th from 8 am to 12 pm.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!!!!
Now, THAT'S a sale worth talking about! Thanks, Kyung.
Toshiba Laptops on 4 easy pymts on QVC --- for anyone that needs a new laptop --- Check it out is offering 24-month no interest financing on laptops. Check it out: Amazon usually has good prices on things.
Butterball turkeys 16.01 pounds & above $8.99 w/minimum $25 purchase. $6.99 for turkeys under 16 pounds at Pavilions.
There's a nice wireless keyboard on sale at Staples for cheap. I sit my laptop on the coffee table and plug in the wireless keyboard. It's so much nicer than sitting my heavy laptop on my lap.

Logitech® Cordless
Desktop LX™
710 Laser Keyboard
Mouse Combo
Now $29.98
Reg. $84.98
Staples is having a sale on the 8GB memory stick. It's half off, so it's only $19.99. The 16GB is $39.99. It's great to back up your job (and audio) before you leave a job.
There's a picture/link at the bottom right of the page.
Here's a tip for men and women: If you shop JCPenney for foundations, housewares, basics, keep that receipt and log-in online to complete their survey. The survey takes about 5 mins. and at the end of it they will give you a 30% off coupon that you print out. I've gone in and bought a pack of T-shirts for the hubby, went home 'n did survey, printed coupon, which is good for 30 days, and went back a week later during a hugh clearance sale and bought my son who moved to DC a ton of great stuff. Saved a ton of money. Most store clerks will let you keep using the coupon during the day, but I just print about 5 copies just in case I run into a jerk clerk.
This JCP survey is an all-the-time deal, too.

Try this website for coupon codes when online shopping:


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