I'm sure that this topic has been discussed before, but perhaps some may not have thought of this.

I have a Blackberry Curve with T-Mobile and it has a slot for me to put in a small disk - very small - and basically the Curve can become something like a mini-backup device for me.

When I plug in the Curve, I get a prompt asking me to access the storage media on that Curve. By doing this, I can then download any file(s) I so choose, be it Eclipse files or music or whatever, based on the allowable space available on this storage device. I have a 2GB drive at the current time.

All of that being said, what this allows me to do when I'm away from a wireless connection and I need to get a file to my scopist quickly, I'm able to download my Eclipse file to this drive and then attach the file to an email to be able to send the file to my scopist. My mail server allows me to send rather large files. But that being said, with T-Mobile, most reporting files should probably go through their email server. Now, I can't send the Audiosync file because it is very large, but at least if I needed my scopist to be able to start on the file and cleaning it up right away, this is an option.

I seriously doubt this is new news because I'm sure others have thought of this, but just in case anyone new to the forum hasn't, perhaps it will be new to them.

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Love the (tipping hat).

And, no, I've never thought of it, nor heard of it, so it's not old news here. Keep your great posts coming!

Hi, Breck!

When you say you are "able to download my Eclipse file to this drive," can you tell me how that's done? I'm trying to envision this "small disk" that you mention. Is it like the ones used in cameras? Is it removable? Or are you saying to store it on the drive via internet transfer? So many questions . . . I know!

I back up my files on a thumb drive after depos (as a safeguard only). If I need to send that file, however, I'd need to turn the computer on and send the file through e-mail (via the internet card on the laptop). If I understand what you're saying, having the Blackberry Curve would allow me to back up the file to something on the Curve and, if necessary, send it directly from the Blackberry, doing away with needing the laptop. (??)

Lastly, if the drive is 2GB, are you able to send the WAV files as well?

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You are correct as far as it being a drive similar to those found on digital cameras. Exactly like those. Looks like a wafer. Amazing the storage capacity of something so small. When I plug my Curve into the computer, the computer sees that storage space as if it is another drive. So, I simply drag or copy files I want to put on it, such as an Eclipse file. I also put some music on it. It will hold anything pretty much.
I haven't tried sending a wav file yet. It definitly has the space to hold it. No doubt about that. It is just the time it would take to upload or send. I would probably send it to a place like and then tell my scopist to get it off of there. But I am not even sure how long it would take to upload that way either. I'm sure it is possible; just don't know how long it would take. The Eclipse file shouldn't take long at all.
I would still need the laptop because I would have to transfer the file(s) from it to the Curve. This would just be a way to get a file to a scopist through the Curve when you might not have access to an internet connection from your laptop.
Hope that helps.
Ah, yes! It certainly does help!

Whenever someone says "plug in" or "upload/download," I immediately start wondering about what USB or drive/adaptors I might need, trying to visualize the hardware, etc. I get what you're saying now. Are you using some sort of adaptor for the "wafer" when transfering the file from your laptop to the Curve? I assume you're just transferring it through e-mail, but maybe not. (That's my last question -- I promise!)

I usually send files (if a scopist is waiting . . . or an attorney) from the laptop before I shut down at the depo. Otherwise, I have to wait till I get home or to a place where I can set up the laptop, get an internet connection, and then send the file(s). Having the Blackberry Curve would allow me to put those files onto the Curve, shut down at the depo, get a head start on traffic (which is a big deal here), and then I can send the files while sitting in traffic (keeping my eyes on the road, of course)!

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