Have you ever been to a point in your life where you wonder which way to go? Have you ever had things happen in your life to where you think there is nothing left for you? How about times when people or groups have upset you and you don't want to associate with them anymore? We've all had those feelings or thoughts, haven't we? Perhaps some of us are there now. Perhaps some of us have never been there. Perhaps we are headed that way. I'm there in my life right now in some ways, and not there in other ways. Parts of my life are in a total uproar, while other parts of my life are at peace. I've decided to do something about it. Today, I start a new day all the way around in my life. I challenge some of you, or all of you, to do the same thing.

Here's what I mean. Let's go with a few basic principles. Let's say that everything you do is based on what has or hasn't happened to you in the past. You don't want to support something because you've done it in the past and you got burned. You've supported something in the past and you don't support it now because you got burned. Well, make today a new day to re-think what your feelings are based on some decision you have to make or consider. Think about maybe, just maybe, that you throw what happened to you in the past and let that part go and start anew in your thought process.

For instance, let's say in your steno theory you have always hit SMITH/SMITH for a speaker ID for Mr. Smith. Well, maybe today you decide that trying out STPHAO as a possible speaker ID is a way to go. Don't worry about it. Don't worry that for that last 20 years you were taught to always hit the person's last name twice to identify someone. Maybe today is the day to try something new. It's a new day!

Let's say that you just can't support an idea that someone has been talking to you about. They have either made you mad in the past or you just can't stand what they are trying to get you to agree to. Well, throw out all the negative in your mind, re-evaluate their ideas again, forget the past and see if going forward may work. Will it? I don't know, but, hey, it's a new day.

Let's say that you are so against NCRA or your state association because they have done nothing for you in the past. Perhaps, something happened that affected your life. Maybe, it's been many years since whatever happened to you has happened. Maybe those problems are gone now and there's new blood in the group. Maybe you can forget the past and start fresh and do something that can make things better. Is the past holding you back from progress? Are those feelings holding you prisoner and halting your own ability to move forward. Hey, it's a new day and time for new ideas and thoughts to come in. Let the past go and take a chance. Roll the dice. Try something different. It's a new day!!

Are you so against change, whether in your profession or your life, that you are in such a rut that you think you can't get out? I say that you take a chance and break yourself from that rut and see what happens. You know, it may not work for you. Or, it may be the best thing that you've done.

Do you belong to a group or organization that is going nowhere, or you think is going nowhere? Are you afraid to speak up? Is the group afraid of change? Maybe now is the chance where you re-think the whole idea and don't let the past influence your thinking. Take a chance. Change. Roll the dice. Hey, it's a new day!!!

Are you so closed to the idea that others can't change or won't change? Many times I get into that thinking. I've belonged to groups or associations where I wish they'd do something or quit doing something. Today, I start with a fresh outlook on people, groups, and organizations. I have faith in you. I have faith in this group or organization. I'm not going to let all that has happened to me or let someone else influence my thinking. I'm going to wipe the slate.

I have total faith in NCRA and their directors. I have total faith in my state association. I have total faith in you. I have such faith in you that I believe that each of you will sit down and take a moment to reflect where you are in your life. That you will re-think yourself and that you will truly examine your beliefs and consider....just consider....whether a change might be a way of thinking. That maybe you strive for certifications that you don't have. That you will strive for perfection. That you will protect this profession and protect my job just like I will strive to protect this profession and protect your job. That no matter how bad things are in our lives, that we all will rethink what the profession means to us and what WE mean to the profession. That maybe you've sat quietly too long and that you do have something to your state association, to your national association, or even to yourself. That you believe in yourself as much as I believe in each of you to take this letter as a sincere request to re-evaluate who you are, as I'm looking inside myself, to maybe, just maybe, make a difference in this profession, in the associations, state or national, in yourself and have a belief system that people are good and that we do make a difference in life and can bring about change and new attitude. Hey, it's a new day!!!! Can you? Will you? I'm willing. Let's try it.

(Tipping hat)

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