I am a new scopist and have heard a lot of positive feedback about the AristoCAT. Anybody have anymore feedback about it?

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I'm a working court reporter. I have been on AristoCAT for going on ten years, and I love it. It's an easy program to work with and the support is excellent.

I beta test and train for them. If you need any more info, my e-mail is pmclaughlinrpr at gmail.com

Thank You Tricia. You are the greatest
I work on AristoCat at work. I've been on it for about a year and a half. It was very easy to learn and it is very easy to use. The support is good too.
I don't know anything about it, but I do know it's the software the workers' comp hearing board reporters are provided and have to use.
I've been using ACAT since 1994 -- great program and great support. Highly recommend it.

Thank You for the help and information
I have been on AristoCat since I first started reporting in the '80s. One of the great things about AristoCat is that you don't have to buy new software every five years or so. When I first purchased the software, it was a DOS-based program. Then we went through all versions of Windows, and now it works with Vista as well. The support is the best. I recommend it highly.
Amen, Marilyn! The only thing you forgot to mention is the fact that we don't need a key to access the software.

Trish, I noticed that you do beta testing for AristoCat. Do you by any chance have a Mira? And, if so, do you have any tips for getting it to sync? Laptop sync is great, though.

No, I use a Stentura 8000. I'm taking what you meant about getting it to sync was the OTG synch from the Mira?



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