Yesterday I saw posts about a certain agency that does not pay.  I don't see it today, so maybe Kelli had to delete it for some reason.

I've had no experience with that agency, but just in general I think that if an agency has a pattern of not paying reporters, then people who've been stiffed might try contacting the district attorney's office in that county where the agency is located.  A pay dispute between just two people might be more of a personal thing, but when it's a pattern, it seems like the DA's fraud division would be interested in that.  It sounds like there are plenty of victims' names to provide to the DA.  They might consider it wage theft or some other type of fraud and look into it. I'm not sure, but it's just a suggestion. 

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I had to delete it because DCR called my husband and threatened to sue me if I didn't take the discussion down.  I had to delete it for that reason.  

What a shame that we can't warn each other when there is an on-going problem otherwise more people get stiffed.

You can.  You can join the Have You Ever Heard Of.... group and send out an email blast if you know there's an issue with an agency.  That email goes to reporters' inbox and does not stay on the website.  You get the info out, which is the important part.

Thank you

Anyone can sue for anything regardless of the merit of the case. It still costs money to defend the truth.


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