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I work for several agencies, and they all pay different per diem rates, page rates and copy rates. I understand that of course each job will be different based on the type of job, realtime or not, etc. But is there an average split between the agencies and the reporters? Is the average like a 50/50 split? Is it whatever the agency feels is fair? Do most reporters have a contract with each agency for each job? How do you reporters know what you are receiving from the agency after-the-fact is fair?

Just curious how most reporters handle this and whether there is any consensus on what a "fair" split would be.

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In my area, a so-called "split" used to be 80/20. I am not sure what it is today. Those companies that did offer the 80/20 split did not pay the court reporter until they got paid by the client.

Freelance court reporters in my area also work for a page rate, which is based on the delivery. Let me just say that there are some very reputable companies that enjoy a sterling reputation in my community when it comes to getting paid, but there are also some which have, shall I say, a poor reputation when it comes to prompt payment.

I would think that it would be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to find out payment terms BEFORE accepting a job from any court reporting company. I don't like running to the door every day after the postman drops my mail, wondering if I'm going to get paid. I want to to know WHEN, a date certain. Those are my terms, always have been and always will be.
I freelance for over 16 agencies. I have a basic page rate negotiated ahead of time with each agency. I don't want to know what they are billing the attorneys. It's none of my business. I know what I am being paid on each job as a base page rate for a PI, non-expedite, for example, and the basic rates for copies and rough drafts, etc.



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