Does anybody use Bridge/Bridge Mobile and Caseview?  I'm wondering how long it takes and whether it is a difficult process to "refresh" the RT so my corrections are updated to clients' iPad, etc.  Thanks in advance for anybody's input.

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How does that work where you'd use Caseview and Bridge Mobile at the same time?  Aren't they both software to be able to see the realtime feed?  I know with Bridge Mobile, the corrections are instantaneous.  

Bridge Mobile works with almost all other CAT software.  It does instantaneous refreshing of corrections with all other CAT software except CaseCatalyst.  Bridge is a lot less expensive than CaseviewNet from Stenograph.  The only issue is the refreshing of corrections; otherwise, it's the normal realtime feed.  You have to refresh the client's computer, and I'm wondering how difficult a process that is.


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