I received a request from a man who is in need of someone being able to read Gregg shorthand. He has a document that is written in longhand, as well as shorthand. He scanned it, and it is in PDF and/or Word format.

This is hard-copy typing, and there is no audio. He says there are 49 to 50 pages written by his deceased sister. He also has typed some of the longhand portions already.

If anybody has the capability to read shorthand and do this hard-copy typing job, please send me your contact information. I will then send you his contact information. I told him I cannot help him, but that I'd attempt to find somebody who could. So you would be dealing with him directly, with me out of the picture.

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I used to be a huge Gregg shorthand hobbyist. It's what got me into machine shorthand. I haven't looked at it in a while, though. Your friend would have the most luck contacting someone on the Gregg MSN group which is still pretty active and has lots of people more skilled at Gregg than I: http://greggshorthand.multiply.com/

Best of luck :)
Hey, Erik, that is an excellent tip. I'm going there now.

Thanks so much!
I found a "perfect" match for this job and referred the client.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, and the job is covered!


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