I'm in a bind and need someone that I don't have to reinvent the wheel with.  And trust me I know how it is sharing your favorite scopist!!  But please if anyone can recommend someone they absolutely trust, I'm in need.


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Hi Renee,

My name is Danelle Young.  I am a scopist.  I have Case Catalyst.  I am available to help you out.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Susan Leland is a fantastic Case CAT scopist, and she is available to help.  

Susan is a licensed California CSR; you can trust her to do a great job.

And you will not have to reinvent the wheel.     831 419 5241

This is good to know.  They are apparently hard to find.   Sometimes you spend too much time undoing what they did, commas in the strangest places.  You begin to wonder why bother.

"Sometimes you spend too much time undoing what they did": OMG, is that true. And not only commas in strange places, but semicolons too, and every single stutter and grunt that I specifically asked not be included. Sometimes I've spent just as much time on transcripts, if not more, as I would have had I just kept them to do myself -- and had to pay out to boot. But I digress. I've just started up with someone I like a lot. She's pretty busy, though. Cindy Clark, here on CSR Nation.

I haven't used Cindy, but she seems like a pretty good scopist.  Glad you like her.  I think she's on Eclipse, though, right?

Hi, Kelli. She's done three jobs for me, and they were all CaseCAT. I don't know whether she might also use Eclipse, but she hasn't mentioned that to me.

Maybe she does both.  I know some scopists do that.  I would think it would be difficult to bounce back and forth. I'm not sure why I thought she was on Eclipse.  Maybe it was wishful thinking.

Anyways, glad you're happy with her. 

No, Cindy isn't on Eclipse.  Case only.  But I do know she's very conscientious and participates in forums on FB that engage in discussions on grammar.  She's always trying to improve her skills.  But she's a busy girl.

Al Cantwell.  Excellent work, and a pleasure to work with.


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