Just purchased new computer.  Audiosync is now erratic.  Sometimes records, sometimes doesn't.  Stenograph said it is due to the single mic/headphone jack and recommended getting a USB mic.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Also, if I do have to go to a USB mic, does anyone have a recommendation?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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All my laptops have had separate mic and headphone jacks.  That's odd in the first place and I'm sure I'd not purchase a laptop on that issue alone.  I would try this one:



I don't have either but when I need to, I'm going to try these.

The only laptop I've ever had is ThinkPad and they all have both jacks.  Surprised to hear that there's such a thing as a combo mic/headphone jack.  Something seems very wrong with that.

USB mics are very good.  I've ordered mine at www.soundprofessional.com

Same thing happened to me when I got a Lenovo with that single mic/headphone jack.   Since I love my old battery-free plug-in microphone so much and didn't want to go the USB route, I ended up returning that Lenovo and got a Sony Vaio with separate jacks. 

If you want a USB, I've heard very good things about Sound Professionals, as mentioned in Rosalie's post.

Thank you for the responses.  A Lenovo is what I bought, too.  Looks like I will have to go the route of a USB mic.  Hope this helps others who are purchasing new computers.  Make sure whatever you buy has two jacks!  Lesson learned...just too late.



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