I'm writing because I have been completely unable to access my CaseCatalyst software this morning.

I had trouble twice last week, but after I restarted my computer, it was fine.  Yes, it was unusual, but I worked through it.  I have Norton antivirus, so I don't think it's a virus. 

Anyway, I cannot get into CaseCat and would appreciate any help you can offer.  I was thinking of possibly reloading my cat software, but I don't know if I have to uninstall first, then reinstall.  Also, will that affect my existing files?

Yes, I will probably call Stenograph today, but I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has experienced this before.

Thanks, y'all :)

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Why would you probably call SG today?  Get on the phone immediately!

This problem won't affect your existing files.    They're backed up to various sources I hope.    The only advice I have is to call SG and let them take remote control of your computer.  It's possible you have a super-duper virus and have to bring your computer to an expert for detection & removal.

I'd love to know what tech support had to say.  Just curious how you fixed it.

I restarted my computer for a second time, and BINGO!  It is working just fine ever since.  I ran a complete Norton scan, and nothing cropped up.  I have a second laptop that duplicates my first laptop so if anything happens I have a backup. 

Anyway, that's for your concern.  Dodged a bullet...for now :)


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