I am in the process of compiling a checklist that I will review at the end of editing, just to make sure "stupid" mistakes do not happen and to ensure that I put out a better transcript despite "life" happening and getting in the way! Is there anyone out there that would like to share theirs if you have one?

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My checklist is pretty simple.
Great proofreader - check.
Okay. Can I borrow yours?
Randy Renier I. Espinoza
(63) 915-403-1283

Found him here on CSRnation. Priceless!!
Thank you, Judy!
Thanks for sharing the wealth, Judy. I have a feeling Randy may just pick up a few more reporters ... :)
I would also highly recommend Chris Renegar. You can find him here too.
1. Take a quick scroll through the transcript in print preview
2. run a word index in SearchMaster and check it carefully
3. do a search for ( to see if any fall on line 25 and end on the next page on line 1
These are Good! Didn't know you could do that in SearchMaster. That program NEVER ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the FYI!
The word list is the only thing I do with SM! I never not run a word list. At least half of my jobs, after I scoped, read again on screen, sent to proofreader, made the corrections, I find something else in the SM word list.
I will definitely try that. Not real proficient in SearchMaster yet, but I will look into running the word list. Thanks again for the tips!
Hi, Cindy! Thanks for the reply. I like your suggestions, too!. I am not sure about doing a word index in Search Master, but I'm going to play around with it and check it out. If I figure it out, I will send you the directions.
There is a tutorial in SM for indexes. Very easy. You have to make an ASCII file first. There's a tab at the bottom that says "Transcripts & Indexing."


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