I am in the process of compiling a checklist that I will review at the end of editing, just to make sure "stupid" mistakes do not happen and to ensure that I put out a better transcript despite "life" happening and getting in the way! Is there anyone out there that would like to share theirs if you have one?

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I double-check all the front matter and make sure the attorney's addresses and firm name have not changed by checking it against the bar directory if I haven't done anything with an attorney for a while. Check to make sure the headers are changed on the correct page for direct and cross, etc. Check the indexes to make sure page numbers haven't changed. I also do a scan to make sure there are no split parentheticals between pages.
Automatic indexing is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can make tons of changes in the transcript and the page and line numbers on the index page (examinations by and exhibits) change automatically and no need to ever check.
Hi Melissa,

Someone set stuff up for me and explained it; we spent a fair amount of time on the phone and email. When something goes kaflooey with an index, it's initially a PITA and time-consuming to figure out what to fix before deleting the bad index and recreating it. It's easy for me now and worth the learning curve to really get it. If you know a Catalyst trainer, ask them or email me for a name. Worth it!!



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