Anyone still using or have an old Cimarron system in the back of a closet? There's a court in Tx is trying to restore a deceased reporter's files.

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Hi Dorothy,

If they don't find a Cimarron system out there, I know that Eclipse can convert files from Cimarron. I don't know if other CAT systems can do that, but I would think they could.

THANK YOU!!!!!! I'll pass it on and pray it works out.
Have they tried contacting Stenograph? They *might* be willing to help out. Boy, that was the first system I was on 20 years ago, but I never owned it; they had it at the agency I worked for. Good luck.
I tried contacting our local rep, but no reply...
Acculaw is advertising it has Cimarron software.
I have a Cimarron tape reader. You can have it if you pay for shipping.

Allan Dyer
What type of files do they have - Translated or Raw Notes, what kinds of media is it on - Disks, Tapes, etc...
We do data conversion for Court Reporters but need more information.
Call me at 206-284-7492
Will forward your name and number to the person who needs them. Thank you!


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