Hello, All!
I'm in the process of searching for a smaller laptop, and I'm looking at the Acer Aspire. I'm not going to be editing on this computer. I just need it for real-time display and audio recording. Anyone out there familiar with this laptop? And if so, how would you rate it?

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Thanks for your recommendation, Allison. I can't wait to get this little guy. It will free up a lot of space and weight from my bag:) And I'm glad to hear that the audio is good, too!
Allison, I am on Eclipse. Can you share the settings you're using? I am using an Andrea USB mic because I hate having to check on the battery all the time with the Martel. I wonder if the compression would be the same. Do you use the bluetooth for LiveNote too?
Just make sure it has at least 100 gigs to run the software. Better yet, call your software provider and ask them what the requirements are. Also, Dell has the minis on clearance, refurbished with a warranty, for around $300.00. I like Acer, too, but HP and Dell have better service, in my opinion. Acer does seem to be leading the industry with this nifty little netbook, though. They're also affordable enough that you could buy a couple to set up for wireless for a couple attorneys in a depo. I'm just a student, but I'm thinking ahead!!!
Thanks for your recommendations, Aleece, and best of luck with your court reporter training. Keep thinking ahead!
This is a great little computer for email, shopping, mapquest, etc. I wouldn't recommending editing on it, though. It is slower and the keyboard is a little cramped. You might consider backing up the job you are editing to a larger computer, preferably a desktop....
I've been using my Acer for a few months. I have had a problem lately where all of a sudden my software key and USB mic are not recognized. It's got to be either the ports are bad or my hub is bad, and I'm betting on the hub. My non-battery powered mic didn't provide very good sound so I got an Andrea USB mic and it works pretty well -- now if I can just get the hub to work! I have more than 3 things plugged in -- external keyboard, Mira, key, mic, and I want to do Livenote with it -- so I need the hub. I suggest if you get it, that you get it from Costco because you have two years to return it if you don't like it. If a new hub doesn't solve my problem, it's going back! The other day everything conked out -- it said multimedia processing error. I closed out and APPENDED to the job I had going but ended up losing a big part of the audio. So make sure you have a backup until everything is running smoothly. Also the keyboard is really tiny and hard to use. I think the HP keyboard is bigger. Best thing about it is they all have Windows XP, not Vista.


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