Read some prior posts recently from years ago where reporters were not getting paid from this firm - DCR Litigation Services.  Then I heard of videographers not getting paid from her - Annette Duke.  Now I'm in the same boat.   She owes me a LOT of money.  I worked for her for many years.  She's underpaid me in some cases, i.e., $40 for a last minute cancel.   $3.40 for ALL cases whether it's P.I. or expert.   

Any information anyone can share with me? Thanks.

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One of our demand letters was cc'd to 4 parties of a deposition we networked for her. Owes us a couple grand. It's not even about the money anymore.

That is how I feel. I'm in a different boat than you I said earlier she only owes me a couple hundred dollars but I want to go after her and even sent an email informing her that I would do everything in my power to let all of her clients know about her practices and to not use her, as it is about so much more than the money.  It makes me sick someone could do that to reporters who work their ass off and trust agencies in this industry.  This was a first for me after 19 years, so I should feel blessed that it was only two super short telephonic depos I did for them, and they did send me $200 for one of them 

Mary, I think you'd only be able to contact those attorneys you worked with.  Otherwise they  may file a lawsuit, however justified, against you.   

Kellie is correct. Don't give her any excuse to come after you personally. I've posted on her google reviews as well. 

I would suggest that you limit your contacts to the attorneys you suspect to have paid for the work you performed.  As her lawyer husband/boyfriend (heard once she's not really married to him but instead adopted his name which is Duke.  Could just be a rumor) has threatened lawsuits on previous occasions, I would be careful.  However, in my opinion, there should be no reason for you not to inquire for perfectly legitimate reasons.  When I was dealing with DCR, I called one of the firms and spoke to the secretary then confirmed with their accounts payable department.  I didn't say anything nasty, just wanted to know if they had paid for a copy.

Good luck.  It's a difficult and tedious road you are on.  She seems to take delight in the sport.

Has anyone had the idea of getting a reporter who has never worked for her and calling to say they are looking to pick up new agencies, do a job for them, hopefully a large job, and then spring it on her that she will NOT turn the job in until she makes whole with reporters she owes money to.  Also, what is this crap about her threatening to sue personally if you contact her clients?  She has no basis for suing anyone and I would think that any judge that knows what she has done to all of these reporters would just throw it out that not what would happen?

I'm getting ready to file a small claims action against Duke Court Reporters, Inc./Ms. Buttress.  Can anyone help me and verify that their current address is in fact:  2945 Townsgate Road, Suite 200, Westlake Village, CA 91361? phone number: 805-497-0046?  Secretary of State has 2659 Townsgate, and CSR Board has 2945.

Yes the 2945 address is correct.

I took her to court last week and made the mistake of filing against Annette Duke personally. Now I have to refile against DCR Litigation. Who is Ms. Buttress?

Ms. Duke is listed as Annette Buttress on the Secretary of State website Agent for Service of Process for Duke Court Reporters, Inc., and with the CSR Board.  (I keep shaking my head about this whole thing.)  I hope you prevail.  Best of luck! 

Took a lot of work but finally prevailed. 

Hi there!  CONGRATULATIONS!  My court date is in February, which I'm expecting to be postponed.  Can you share anything that would help me/others in their pursuit for being made whole?

I've spoken to a lot of people about this so I don't know if I have already spoken to you.  If you would like to speak with me about my success, feel free to call.



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