Both I and Angie Ryder have started new threads about within the past 48 hours and although they appeared initially when posted, they seem to have disappeared. I know mine hasn't even showed up on my own page as a message that I wrote.

Is there a reason for this? Neither thread was an advertisement.

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Boy, this is going around. There have been at least 3 messages that have disappeared from the Eclipse site too. Isn't that weird? I've never seen anything like that happen before. I do remember seeing Angie's initial post.

Sorry to jump in without an answer, but I thought it was an odd coincidence. Also, you know that Monti is taking a break from the site for a bit? He'd probably be the one who'd know how to address this. Answers may be delayed.

You mean disappeared from the Eclipse CR-NET? I could see if it was advertising, as both this site and the CR-NET don't allow it unless it's in the Classifieds section, but these threads were not advertising. As I'm sure you know, far from it.

I read Monti's message about him taking a break -- hope he's all right! -- but he said Kelli would be taking care of things in his absence, so maybe we'll hear from her soon. I don't know, maybe it's just a fluke or something.
Yes, from CR-Net. It has them stumped over there. Mine was a question about an odd thing happening in the latest dev version -- something that Jeremy should see. So strange that they both happened within a few days of each other.

Well, geesh, I don't think I got banned from here since I'm still able to post. And my questions and Angie's had to do with the whole bidding-on-jobs system in general. So as far as I can tell, we both followed the rules here.

Well, we shall see if this thread disappears into cyberspace. Thanks for the info.
Bren, you mean it wasn't a message on CR-NET about this topic we're discussing here?
Yeah, sorry. Nothing to do with this -- just disappearing posts at the same time. Seemed like Internet gremlins!
I shouldn't be replying to peoples posts in my current mental state because I can act selfishly, angrily and say things I don't mean and eventually regret.

yesterday I got over 10 messages about this site, people using the cover depo group which should NOT be used for anything other then job offers, period.

when i see a headline with the name of a site , to me its looks and smells like an advertisement. maybe it wasn't, but when you send them traffic via CSRnation you have unintencionally succeeded.

I don't know about other reporting forums, but we spend a butt load of money every month to advertise ourselves and I will try my best not to have other sites gain access to our members, even if it is unintentional.

all this is in the FAQ section, I am down with Abraham Lincoln as much as the next guy but I never claimed to champion free speech on CSRnation and if I deem something is worth deleting I will do so with out anyones permission.

Diane, when should I draw the line?
If its ok to send this message, what else should be ok?
My right hand still hurts because I had to manually insert over 70 warning messages on all the groups... only to have people ignore it?
That message truly pissed me off and right now this is just extra aggravation i don't need.
Diane, I am protecting you... if I let everyone send a message because they think its important, your inbox will be full of useless emails, some might stand for it but most will not.

Karen, I ask you to kindly remove the name of the site in your original post, I thank you in advance.
This is my last post, I hope you guys just drop it and not turn it in a free speech issue, because its not.. you are sending free traffic to a potential competitor.
If you still think that this is a free speech issue, there are dozens of other reporting forums out there, take it there please.

No need to reply to this message, but just to let you know that Angie or I will repost our original message without the name of the site in the message and just talk about the concept of bidding for jobs.

Hope you're feeling better soon and sorry to have caused any aggravation!


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