Deleting portions of transcript after the job has been turned in? Really?

I have a question about if it's the reporter's responsibility after a transcript is turned in, to go back and delete words that the attorney says are highly confidential and wants me to "redact" from the transcript. 

I feel this is a Production issue and not my responsibility.  This job is almost 300 pages and they want me to go through my transcript and delete words everywhere.  I've been a reporter for 27 years and have never been asked to do this.  Oh, of course, I have to take my own time for free to do it as well.




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My only issue with what I did on this case is it was three hours of my own time after turning in the final product that I was not compensated for.  Never once did anyone at this firm offer to pay me for this time.  They did, however, admit this was a very unusual case with some extraordinary requests that they weren't used to either.  I just said, "Never again."  I did it once and that's enough.

Where else would you spend three hours of your time working for free?  I'd say may be not too many places.


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