Has anyone heard of this firm?  They are located in Modesto.  I did a job for them and they were very nice, very professional and well put together.  They have a 60-day waiting period for getting paid and now that that 60 days has past, I am having a hard time getting through to the owner just to get any response at all of when I can expect payment.  I have called every day for two weeks and sent an e-mail every day for a week and have received absolutely no response.  I know the owner is a court reporter too and probably very busy, but he has to check his messages and e-mail at some time.  Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.   It seems so strange.  They seem like a great firm.

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I did not choose to continue working with them.

I've never even heard of them.  That's too bad.  Not a good habit to get into, especially when the Internet is here and reporters can spread the word. 

Yeah.  I don't want to talk trash about them in any way.  I still feel they're nice people.  I'm just getting a weird cross-signal on why the boss won't call me back.  His staff says they cannot help me, that the owner handles/approves all payments.  But I'm starting to get the feeling that I might get not get paid and I have never been in this position before.  What would be my next step if that happened.  I've done a rough calculation of what my pay would be based on the rates I was given and it's approximately $1200.00  Where do I go from here?

I believe we should all invoice every job we do.  I use QuickBooks,  I also always write an e-mail confirmation regarding agreed rates and agreed payment times to the court reporting firm.  Court reporters are professionals, and I find I am treated more like one when I do these things.  I always know exactly what firms owe me, and it has come in very handy.  Good luck with this collection.  Keep all your e-mails for backup!  I put every document, including the transcripts and e-mails and invoices, in a folder designated for each job.  EEZZ access.

Lori, you must check in with me! Your pic is now on milk cartons in my house. Just want an update.

If you have the owner's name then go to the court clerk website and see if she has ever been sued before.  If you want to spend about $40.00 then do a background check (will tell you plenty about her credit worthiness).

I had that problem with a firm in LA and after six months of waiting, I took them to Small Claims court for my $1600 check.  After they were served, I got a check in the mail.  That's your next step.  Don't even think of letting them get away with it. 

What Kelli said.

Their rates are very low.  Lowest rates I've ever been quoted on orig &1.  And this was back when the economy was not in the tank.

What Kyung said.

What Kyung said.

Cheryl -

I've sent you a personal email regarding the situation.  I do apologize for the delay in payment and want you to know that you can contact me any time at eric@depobook.com.

Eric Johnson
(800) 830-88885 


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