Got this idea from Kelli.  Cost me about 10 bucks for the board.

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Sorry, couldn't remember how to rotate the pic first.

Gee, Deborah, looks like you just saved yourself about 1,899 bucks!



My desk was only 1200.  As long as you can get on the treadmill and do your thing, it doesn't matter what it cost; it's the idea of keeping moving and proofing and getting exercise at the same time.  Good for you Deborah!!  I'm very proud of you.  Welcome to the health kick that us over 40s are on.

Kelli is probably using a tax deduction for her treadmill.  If she was intending to buy a decent treadmill she probably would have paid at least $600. 

I never even considered the write-off, but I'm sure I'll do that.  You have to consider then I needed a new keyboard, new monitor, etc.  It is the best idea ever, though.  I love it.  I hope, Deborah, you get as much satisfaction out of using it as I do.


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