...but I actually thought this group was a gathering of Tom Selleck fans. I thought, Geez, that guy was okay, but I don't want to join that group.

Had I known Magnum was the True King of All Things Steno, I would have been here in a heartbeat.

I may not be a very bright fan, but I definitely want to join this group.


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20 minutes, Tami? The daily dictation is only 10. And it's usually 5 literary/5 Q&A, so you could easily listen to half at a time. Everybody's got 5 minutes here and there. Come on, you know you want to . . .
You're too funny. And brave, too. :)
I take my job very seriously, but thankfully I don't take myself so seriously. I actually thought Mark Kislingbury was a Tom Selleck fan. Wow!

By the way, did Magnum's car talk or was that David Hasselhoff's?

David -- Knight Rider :)
Janet, you shine like a laser in StenoWorldOnPlanetEarth!


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