I am trying to find students who were enrolled in the Stenotype
Institute of Jacksonville' s 'two-year' program called Fast-Track.
There is a lawsuit underway and I spoke with the lawyers
involved in the case and it looks very promising so far for the
student's case. They got a great judge and good lawyers.
They are currently fighting for the case to stay in federal court,
so they need students enrolled in the program
from outside the state of Florida to come forward especially.
They only have about 1 1/2 more weeks before the federal/state court
decision is made, so time is critical.
A class-action is also pending, and the lawyers representing
this particular student are doing great.
If you or anyone you know was enrolled in the 'two-year' program
at Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville, we need your help immediately.
Please email me or the lawyers directly.

Ellen Reeves - reevese@ymail. com
Warwick and Varnell - jrvarnell@aol. com

PS. I'm not the student involved in the lawsuit, just trying to help the student's
case because I was burned by the program myself...
Currently enrolled in Simply Steno and really like it.

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