I thought there was a thread about this but couldn't find it.

It seems all my jobs now have 40 plus exhibits.  Jeez, it takes a lot of time to type in the descriptions for these, especially with all the emails.  Can you get away with just saying:

"Email dated ______"   Or "Email chain dated__________" instead of who it's to and from?

How short can we get away with our descriptions.  Because I had to index 60 exhibits on a job last week and it was a PITA!   My index was 10 pages long.

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I had 76 exhibits last week.  I have no problem with this because for that effort, it expands the transcript!  I put a complete description in the "marked" blurb and of course the same on the index.  And I now double-space index pages.  So I have the benefit of being able to copy & paste quotes because I scan and put in a dropbox folder most exhibits, hoping to help myself and endear myself to agencies.  It's an effort, no question, but it's worth it to me.

Well, not to me when there's so many.  And I use automatic indexing.  Plus, all the checking the exhibits from everything they read from them into the transcript.

My two cents...how descriptive a reporter is for the exhibit index is a personal preference.  I've seen posts that suggest the shorter the better, also stating that attorneys aren't all that interested in the descriptions that appear in the index as long as they know the page numbers.

Today I got 37 exhibits.  In that case I say, "Email string, Bates stamped _____________" and leave it at that.  If there are, like, 15 exhibits or so, I give more of a description.  It's just getting crazy.

Yes, there is a discussion on this because I started it.


Good idea.  I think I'm going to say "email string starting with Bates No.___ and that's it.

Kerry, I just finished a transcript and had 131 pages of exhibits (1 through 57).  I always note the From, To, and Date on e-mails, and I had plenty of those.  It is tedious, but I feel it's part of our job.  Keep smiling.  :)

And an extra 131 pages is not too shabby.  I will report back on how many index pages I get from 76 exhibits!!

wait, you meant 131 total pages of exhibits, not exhibit pages.    I take back my statement.

I had 76 exhibits, don't know or care the page count, but do know and care about the index page count:  14 exhibit pages.  So there's 2 copy sales, so I'll make about $68.50 extra for that.  Not worth it but it's better than nothing.  

I do "Series of e-mails, top e-mail sent Jan 1, '07 (6 pages)"


In this dep with 76 exhibits, I'm dealing with crazy super-duper stapling.  Is there a super-duper staple remover out there?  Anyone know?

I use a screwdriver to open each side of the staple.

But that won't slip under the staple, will it?  


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