I thought there was a thread about this but couldn't find it.

It seems all my jobs now have 40 plus exhibits.  Jeez, it takes a lot of time to type in the descriptions for these, especially with all the emails.  Can you get away with just saying:

"Email dated ______"   Or "Email chain dated__________" instead of who it's to and from?

How short can we get away with our descriptions.  Because I had to index 60 exhibits on a job last week and it was a PITA!   My index was 10 pages long.

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Just as a suggestion, I report in CA.  If I get a stack of exhibits over 20 exhibits, I charge a fee of $30 per hour for marking and identifying exhibits in the index.  It is a lot of work, and I make sure my time is paid for.

When I get that many exhibits, I just put "Email Bates stamped STP0000234.

I don't put any more of a description because it's too time consuming and we don't get paid anything extra for the time.  Only one that makes money off the exhibits is the office for copying them.

On those email chains I identify it by "subject"

"E-mail string, Subject:, blah blah, Bates stamped EO000245 through 259"

that is assuming the subject is the same all the way through the string, which most of the times it is.


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