I am absolutely dead. No work. Anyone else feeling it?

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Work has been really good for me. Came back from vacation this past Saturday and just filled up the rest of this week and all of next week. You have to call around and remind the calendar girls that you are alive. And when work is slow, take advantage and email your resume to out-of-state agencies because their clients do travel. So let them know that when their clients are in your area, that you are available.

Good luck and take advantage when time is slow to spend more time with your kids, spouse, friends or just to lay around on the couch and catching up on DVR'd shows or go for a pedi/manicure and pamper yourselves.

This year is going to be greater than all the past years.

I agree with Mary Ann....the upcoming months are going to be exceptional
Yes, I'm slow and fear is creeping into my psyche. I was slow before Christmas and was hoping today the phone would be ringing off the hook. I'm even certified Livenote and still don't have work, but I'm a newbie for Livenote. I know it's the first work day of 2010, and I'm hoping I get something on my schedule. This is scarey!

I went back on that case that you did a depo for me last Wednesday. Mr. L looks at me and says, "You're not the gal that was here Wednesday." I said, "You want Shirley back?" He say, "I guess you'll do."

Everybody, Shirley saved my butt last Wednesday. I was scheduled for a one-hour doc at 10 am and a 1 pm just 20 minutes away that was going to go till 5 pm. At noon I ask him how much longer. Let's just say I had all of five minutes to cover my 1pm depo. Shirely responded to my frantic post on CSRnation and saved my butt. And apparently they loved her too. I guess I should say Shirley AND CSRnation saved my butt.

Thanks, Shirley and Kelli!

Thanks Judy! I appreciate your comment. Job is almost done. Shirley
Thank you! It was definitely nice walking in today and finding out everybody loved you.
Thanks, Judy

It is nice to see someone actually satisfied using reporters from the Nation. I knew there were great reporters out there!!
I've been satisfied using agencies that have advertised on here. One reporter had a problem with an agency from NY so you live and learn and I'm learning from that reporter's experience and not taking the chance to deal with that NY agency. But a bad experience that a reporter or agency has shouldn't ruin it for everyone else.

CSRNation is great and I've learned so much from this site


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