Just bought netbook. Need help getting Case and dictionary onto new mini.

I am a student and currently run my Case Catalyst on a partitioned Macbook. This means that my Mac can act like a PC, and in fact, looks and performs like a PC with Vista when I am practicing or building my dictionary.

I recently bought a Dell 10" mini netbook for school to help with my portability issues. I also signed up for Realtime Coach, so I really need my software to be transferred from the larger laptop to my mini.

Has someone done this before? If so, would you be willing to give me simple instructions on how to accomplish this feat?

Thanks so much in advance,


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I should have added that my Realtime Coach is already on my netbook, but my Case Catalyst/distionary is stuck in LaLaLand on my Macbook. I really need my Case to get to into my netbook so the two can talk to eachother whilst I practice.

I am available to learn handstands, dance a great rain dance, or even stoop to begging/pleading. At this point of befuddlement, I have neither pride or shame.
Once your CC is installed on your mini, backup your dictionary to a thumb drive and restore it to CC.

I did it! We did it! Thank you so much. I knew csrnation would come through for me!

Alas, Monti's post seems to be missing ... but I found this page that shows you how to backup CC files to a Flash drive (under XP).

As for installing it, use your regular computer, put the CC disk in, and copy the installer to your flash drive (read that somewhere!).

Hope that helps!



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