Hi everyone...

I just finished my last test on Tuesday...I have some interning hours left but I really don't know where to begin after that? Any tips or anything that could help...I feel lost...



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What certifications do you have and what is your last name?

Marge Teilhaber, RDR
Fort Lee, NJ
I have half of my RPR, still need to do the practical portion.

My last name is Fowler..
Hi Allison Fowler!

My opinion is that "getting out of school" is meaningless and the all-important RPR and CSR is where your focus should be. And then do not stop practicing because your next important goal is to pass the Merit and become an RMR. My first job ever was soon after I passed the NJ CSR and I luckily passed the RPR in the same month. So get the RPR under your belt and then start calling every agency in your area. A newly certified CR should be an attractive commodity. But until you have the RPR or CSR, you don't have anything to offer so keep practicing, get licensed, start networking and hopefully start getting work, all the while continuing to practice minimum 15 minutes a day 7D a week until you are an RMR.

Good question.

I encourage you to start by acknowledging that you are fortunate to have this time to prepare and to resolve that you will make the best possible use of it. This period of your life really is an opportunity.

First, you do need to continue practicing. We all need to be building speed and accuracy all the time throughout our career. If you establish good practice habits now, it will be less of a struggle to keep them going once you are working.

You need to complete your internship and in the process, keep an eye out for those skills, attitudes, and abilities are needed for this job. Along with continuing to practice, list them, make a plan for following through on making such skills your own. Some examples that I have seen CR students needing to work with are: basic computer knowledge; familiarity with your software; general knowledge which you start to gain by reading a newspaper of reasonable quality -- NOT a tabloid -- cover to cover each and every day; reading books from the self-help and business section on communication skills, personal organization, and appropriate workplace behavior. Oh, and did I remember to mention that you should continue to practice?

Come back and let us know what you are doing to prepare yourself. You have a chance to be a great example to other almost-reporters by using this time well.

Thanks so much! I am definitely continuing to practice because I don't feel completely ready to be working right now. Even though I passed the test, I still feel like I need more speed. I definitely need to learn more about my Case..I'm definitely comfortable with computers and programs but this one seems to have a very different process for everything...so I really need to learn more about it!
It's great that you have the awareness of not being ready. And you're not. The bare necessity to have any confidence is basic certification, the RPR or CSR. And you'll see when you start working that that doesn't cut the mustard as far as true confidence. It was only when I passed all legs of the Merit that I felt any confidence, thinking "if you're talking too fast for me now, then you're talking too fast!"

As far as Catalyst, don't spend too much time on it. You'll learn as you go when you start working. I'm a long-time Catalyst user and it's very easy, a great program. Right now spend your time practicing and passing tests. And don't forget about working first towards the Merit after you attain your RPR and/or CSR. You need speed first. Then after having the Merit (RMR) under your belt is the time to start practicing with the CRR as your next goal.

Lots of good luck and keep practicing!

Also, put together a resume and start sending it out to reporting firms to line up a job. Also, keep an eye out for the Workers' Compensation Board test or the Grand Jury test, also. Keep your options open. And, of course, keep working towards attaining your certifications.

Best of luck to you!
I sent out the application for the workers' comp test but I was too late. Do you know where to find the test for the grand jury?
Allison, contact the D.A.'s office in Brooklyn and ask for Ben LaSpina or Tommy Russo. They'll set you up with a test.
Hey Anthony, I spoke to the DA's office in Brooklyn and they said that Ben LaSpina retired and that they've never heard of Tommy Russo. Do you know how else I can find out about this test? I've been calling around and gotten no results...


is this something unique to NY and NJ?
Your answer rocks, Jeanese.


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