Are you getting a lot of use out of it?

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I absolutely love it.  On Monday, I walked 11 miles, burned 875 calories and proofed two transcripts.  You just can't beat that.  Normally, I'd be sitting on my butt doing that.  Best investment I've ever made.  Thanks for asking.

Wow, that's amazing.  Have you noticed any difference in your body?

I have a friend who is not using her treadmill right now due to a bad ankle.  She is going to let me borrow it and I'm going to try to make a desk on it to see if I like it and use it before I buy one.  I just have to figure out where to put it.  I have a big office but I hate having to walk around stuff and all the walls have things along them (including two big bird cages!).

I get so stiff when I sit for any amount of time that I just have to start moving.

No, I haven't noticed that much of a difference in my body.  I exercise all the time, though, anyways.  I'm a size 6, so at age 47 (B-day next week) I'm just happy to stay at that size.  I'm not trying to win any beauty contests; just want to stay healthy.  That's all.

I'm getting ready to proof an expedite now on it.  I couldn't edit a job on it because there's way too much typing, but for proofing and 20% typing, I'm fine.  I have it, as you know, in my office.  I share the office with six pets, but the room is quite large.  I have two desks in here, my stationary desk with printer, scanner, computer, etc. and across the room the treadmill desk facing a corner.  My dog Jake didn't like the setup at first because I had to move his lounge chair, which totally messed him up.  Took him a while to realize he could still use his chair but just had been moved over a bit.  Didn't say he was the sharpest tool in the shed!

kelli, did you buy it?  how about a photo?  

Melissa, go look at the videos.  I posted a video about it and you can actually see it for yourself and how it's set up.  Hit on the tab, "all videos" or something and it's like the fifth or sixth one I think.  Can't miss it - called Treadmill Desk.

Kelli, step away from the treadmill desk immediately.  Immediately!  Not only does it destroy my theory of "If I make everyone around me fatter, I look thinner," if you continue, you'll whittle yourself down to nothing and THEN what would we do?  You're such a valuable resource to the reporting community with CSRNation, I would be devastated if we lost you because you just blew away like a tumbleweed.  


Mary Ann, have you ever heard the saying, "You can never be too rich or too thin"?  I'm going for that theory.

Well, I think I will make my own with the treadmill I got for free from a friend!!!!


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