I'm in the market for a new laptop. Lenovo is tops on my list. The important feature I need is to be able to insert microphone and headphone together and simultaneously record audiosync and listen. Most laptops don't have this feature.

Any reporter out there with a recommendation for a laptop with this feature?

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Hey everyone:

Thanks for some very helpful suggestions. The USB mic w/earphones works wonders. Love it! Getting another Lenovo from Bob Bogutsky.

I'm amazed that most laptops don't have simultaneous record/listen feature.

Will this be your first laptop from Bob, Maura? I'm on my first one and it's going very very strong. It's been a total joy.
Marge: Unfortunately this is not my first from Bob: The sound card went out on the Lenovo from Bob. The one prior to this had issues, which he promptly addressed. I hesitate to place another order, but in truth, he does have great deals when it comes to Lenovos. I'm hooked.

Maura, didn't Bob fix the sound card issue? Why are you getting another computer?
I can't verify this, but I do remember reading on a forum somewhere (possibly Eclipse) that all Toshibas are configured for this.
Marge: Bob said the motherboard is expensive and I would be better off buying a new Lenovo.

So I hesitate to buy another one from Bob because the first two had issues which were exchanged for the present problem soundcard issue.



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