I cannot make out what this guy is saying.

He says, "The 1974 definition contains, of course, a 'shappo' in Article 1...."

What's a "shappo"?

Please give a listen to the below-referenced file. I have no idea what this word is.

TIA to any and all responders!

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To me it was clearly chapeaux, Fr. for hat. It obviously means there was an exterior umbrella or meaning or something to the definition.

I'm not expressing myself well. But someone who is more knowledgeable might be able to explain why the word chapeaux is used here.

Bubbie Karen

Karen, you are right on. I think it is "chapeaux." I took French in elementary school, and that's one of the first words we learned. I just didn't hear the word as "chapeaux" when they were talking about articles.

The way you have explained it, though, makes perfect sense to me now.
I came up with "chapeaux" also, but I don't understand how that fits in context.
"Chapeaux" is plural so if it's "a chapeau" it's not going to have the -x ;)
Thanks, Sharla, for the agreement.

Erik, thanks for letting me know about the correct spelling of hat in French. If I remember my French, it is "le chapeau," as it's masculine. Sheesh, French is confusing. LOL
Merci beaucoups, mon ami,

Bubbie Karen

I think it's so cool you know how to attach an audio file.

Bubbie Karen
Karen, it's a piece of cake. You just make an audio file, put it on your desktop, and then attach it to the message at the bottom where it says UPLOAD FILES.

This forum is one of the most intelligent places to chat . I love it here! :-)

Thanks for the piece of cake. It's my kind!!!! Easy instructions!!!!!

Bubbie Karen


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