Hello!  Does anyone have old Stentura ribbons and ink?  In desperate need ASAP, please email Joann Bunze at jbunze@noteworthyreporting.com.  Thanking you in advance!

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I actually have some ribbons -- don't think I have ink.  I have four that are used (will sell for $10/ribbon) -- should be usable with ink, but have no way to test them.  I have at least one (will sell for $20/ribbon) that is in packaging (not sure if refurbished or new).  I may have more refurbished or new -- just have to get into the storage room.


That sounds great, could you take pictures of them and send to me?  kkdwll@aol.com  

Make sure I know what it is we're talking about :)  And let me know what all you find!  Thanks again!


Right now I found 6 of the packaged ribbons and 4 of the used ribbons.  The used ones are pretty dry -- would definitely need inking.

I found ink at Steno Works online.  Here are also pictures of their products. 

I think I probably can find more ribbons, so let me know what you are looking for and I will keep looking.


All of those ribbons!  The ones that are packaged are great.  We are trying to figure out how to re-ink these cartridges.  Somewhere there has been talk of drilling into them or something.  Do you know of anything about that?  Can you send me those packaged ribbons?  Actually, they will need to go to Joann Bunz as she is starting an A to Z program on Monday!  I can send you a check or however you want me to pay you for them.  What do you want for the packaged ribbons?  If you find more, please let me know. I am getting Joann's address and will message that to you ASAP - thank you so much!

Oh, wait, I see, you said $20 a ribbon for the packaged ones.  I can send you a check for those, let me know where to send it.

Please send the ribbons as soon as you can to Joann Bunze, 1225 Secotan Place, Fuquay Varina, NC  27526.  I will pay you for shipping and the ribbons, just let me know where to send check and how much :)


Just making sure, do you want all 10 I found so far -- both used and packaged?

Just the packaged ones for now.  If we need to utilize the used ones, if we can figure out how to ink them, I can let you know.


Sorry for so many questions.  How quickly do you need it?  UPS ground would arrive by Thursday and is approx $13; 3-day, approx $27; 2nd day air, approx $34; and next day air, approx $80. 

I couldn't reply to your last email but let's say 2 day air, $34.00

Okay, thanks.  Will get that out today.  Will send you info on tracking number.  Also I will need a phone number to put on the package.

Here is the shipping information.  Scheduled to arrive Tuesday.



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