Hello!  Does anyone have old Stentura ribbons and ink?  In desperate need ASAP, please email Joann Bunze at jbunze@noteworthyreporting.com.  Thanking you in advance!

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Strange -- I didn't see all the responses until now.  There is a hole in the bottom of the ribbon cartridge where the gear is, you can drop a couple drops (not more than that at a time) and then put the ribbon in the writer and let it go around a few times so that all parts of the ribbon touch that area.  Depending on how dried out they are, you may need more drops, but you don't want to overdo it right away or you can end up with a big mess.


Hi Katherine,

You can write here or send me a private message of where to send a check.  kkdwll@aol.com

So it would be for 6 of the in-package ribbons and shipping of $34?

Thanks, Karen

Hi, Karen.  I included an invoice in the package.  The UPS ended up being about $5 more than we estimated. 

Thank you so much!  And we will put them to good use! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I have this article up on Cheap and Sleazy on how to re-ink a ribbon for those of you that need to know:


I have a Stentura 6000.  I have a brand new ribbon package never opened.  I also have the old ribbon.  If you want them ($15.00 for both).  That will cover the cost of mailing.


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