Hello there - co-editor of The Deposition Reporter newsletter in California and looking
for reporter experiences, both positive and negative, with networked jobs. My definition would be a job you take for an agency outside your state where you release your transcript
for processing to them and/or a job you take for a local agency but job starts from a
out-of-state agency and the out-of-state agency processes and delivers the transcript.
Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a private e-mail that we can send our experiences to? And if you decide to "post" them later, can you use "anonymous" instead of our real names?

Yes - busimomb@earthlink.net. And I will not publish any names in the newsletter unless
requested by the author. Things I'm wondering: did the reporter know the job was networked
with an out-of-state agency? Were the job details as promised? Was the reporter paid as promised and in a timely manner? Was the reporter required to follow any guidelines out of the ordinary
from their local jurisdiction?? Does becoming an affiliate on the networking agency websites
result in more jobs and better quality assignments?



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