Same line of other post, I am at wit's end with this one. It's having to do with procedures following delivery of the placenta. The doctor says he routinely looks for every pogledum is what it sounded like. Pog-LE-dum is how he said it. At first I thought it was caudletum, but on listening again and again, this is more what it is. How I wish I had remembered to ask him to spell that for me! I could be totally out in left field, but maybe someone can come up with something. Thanks again for use of your brains!

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I think it's cotyledon. Delivery care providers are supposed to check for this. It's a membranous-type substance that lines the uterine wall.

Suggest you listen to the audio again and see if cotyledon fits.
Thank you, Cathryn. You are awesome.


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