Go to Youtube's website and search NYS senate....
It's listed as NYS Senate Labor Committee Hearing.
There are 4 parts, so it's pretty long....
Tuesday there was hearing held in New York giving the pros and cons.
you can try this link, but I think it's expired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdcyEGxkXgU

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I searched for "NYS Senate" and "New York State Senate Voice Recorders" and "NYS Senate Voice Recorders," and didn't see anything.

Can you please provide a link for the inquiring minds? Thanks so much! :-)
Thanks, Sue. I'm going to listen to that for sure. It is interesting to learn how the rest of the country is dealing with producing the record!

Personally, I think it sucks that they have what I call "monkey reporters," untrained court monitors who don't do what their job says: MONITOR.

They come in the hearing room, press the ON BUTTON, then sit back and enjoy the show. What a joke.

Then they hire some transcription company vendor and expect them to produce a comprehensive transcript from crappy audio, where one person is speaking 20 feet from the mic or the volume is turned up so high on one mic that all voices are over-modulated.

Garbage in; garbage out. I wish them the best!


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