No love for Facebook here!!!

I'm running a business.  

I'm so glad to see you're back.


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Hello, Charles.  I am a member of facebook, but I do not "do" the facebook thing.  I look at the main page every couple of days, and I've started occasionally putting up a comment or two, but very sparingly.  I'd rather let it all hang out here at The Nation!



We are not going Facebook.  Someone asked about the "like" posts so I added them.  Seems like no harm there.


So glad to hear.  Glad to hear that you're back.  I was not happy with what happened.

I hope you can get some resolution, some way, some how. 


I thought facebook was a "cheap way to go" - like  going to an open party in a park being sponsored by a radio station or a business, and acting like it's your party.
Love that description!  I hated it when what's-his-name whent to Facebook.  It made me have to give FB my business email address so that I could get job offers on my cell phone.   Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
I really don't like the "like" stuff.  So what.

Well, Monti went to Facebook so he would not have to spend any of his own money on the website any longer.   He is all about not having to spend a buck.   You get what you pay for.  He is not willing to pay for anything, just destroy what someone else has.


Don't get me started....

Well, sorry, Christine, but you have no idea what I have been through the last year to get this website back.  I think I am entitled to a few comments after all the money I have spent and anguish I have had to go through. 


I never said Monti was not involved.  I have tried to not say much on the subject at all. 

Thanks, Trina


You are so sweet.  It makes it all worth it that some people appreciate what I'm doing.


Hi, Kelli!

I'm sure everyone here appreciates what you're doing here.  For those that don't, they'll visit, and maybe they'll stay, maybe they won't (free will and all that stuff) ... but those that do stay appreciate what you have achieved here.

Chin up, Kelli!

If the shoe fits...


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