Here we go again. I need a seasoned ear here.

The word I cannot understand comes right after "...the third possibilty for triggering a case is the prosecutor proceeds on his [PRAPRIA-MOE-TOO] power...."

Oh, man, I can't wait for this job to be over. Though they're speaking English, it sounds Greek to me. I guess I don't get out much.

TIA to any and all responders.

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It sounds like proprio motu.

I would suggest proprio motu. If you Google this phrase, you'll get mucho hits.

Bubbie Karen
I agree. It is proprio motu

Like attorneys who keep rambling on and on saying absolutely nothing? I feel your pain.
Oh, man, you guys are the best. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. Proprio motu, it sounds just like it is spelled. Sheesh, I need a vacation, I think.

Well, here's another one. This gentleman has an accent, and I can't tell if he's saying a French word or an English word. Sounds like "OO-DIRECT." List to the attachment here called "French word." It might be French, but it might not. He says something "which is regarded as "OO-DIRECT," I think.

I have 60 more minutes from hell on this job. I can't take it. I'm ready to take a swan dive off of a bridge right about now. LOL
I suggest outre. It should have an acute accent on the 'e'. Hope that helps!
Hey, I like that better than "OO-DIRECT." I am going to insert that word in there and put brackets around it. Maybe he will say it again. This guy is very intelligent, but he is hard to understand. I thought he was French, but he's from Tel Aviv.

Thanks, Alba Transcription! :-)
terecht - in the right place or in judgment -- Dutch origin??

I think I hear a T instead of a D. Not sure about the oo. What is the general subject matter?
It's about jus ad bellum, international law, crimes of aggression, international criminal tribunals, et cetera.

They are talking about law matters, but, man, it sure sounds Greek to me. This is the slowest job I have had in a long time. I type four or five words, and then I have to stop and Google.

I had my husband listen to the clip, and he also suggested outre.

Bubbie Karen
Thanks, Bubbie Karen.

I have one more. Here I am at the end of the audio file, thinking, wow, I only have one more minute, and this guy is speaking the last two minutes of the audio file with the accent. SHEESH!

He says: "...of the Rome Statute to understand you must have MEN-STRAY-A...."

Please listen to this word: MEN-STRAY-A. I have no idea what it is. This is the guy from Tel Aviv. He is very intelligent, and I want to capture everything he is saying, but, man, he is tough to understand.

TIA! I cannot wait to hit the SEND button on this job.
mens rea

Now you can press SEND


Bubbie, you've got some good ears! Thanks so much!

Thank you to EVERYBODY -- K.C., Alba Transcription, and Bubbie Karen -- for making my morning easier.

SEND Button, here I come.


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