Can anybody tell me the author of the most used book when it comes to punctuation by reporters?

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I'm not sure what the "most used" book on punctuation is.  Good question.  Wish I was more help.  I think it's more a preference thing.  There is one lady that speaks at the DRA convention and I like her punctuation style.  Now I've forgotten her name.  She has a book about it.  

Lillian Morson's books are great.     Margie Wakeman Wells I know is very smart and I'm sure anything she's written is excellent.  

That's who I was trying to think of, Margie Wakeman Wells.  I think she's great.  

Here is a link to her book on Amazon:

Thank you Kelli and Marge.  I've checked Amazon for Lillian Morson's book and it's around a hundred bucks.  I'll check the link for Wells.  Morson is the one I was trying to think of and have taken classes in my earlier years that used her works. 


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